One more site to remember

It's still weird to me having to add to my list of social networking sites that I visit on a daily basis. Do I like the idea of this site? Absolutely! There are so many things I feel like I need to say during the day..things I can't put on Twitter of Facebook because of page stalkers or fear of hurting someone's feelings... It's just hard to get used to because this site isn't one that I immediately go to. And by the time I do go to it, I forget what I had to says earlier in the day. lol.

Sorry I'm rambling...

    Erin ~ Glad to have you here when you can join us!
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    Hi everyone! I'm 26, a medical asst and a nursing student, new mommy and step-mom, and a new wifey! Whew. When I'm not running around after the kids or studying, I enjoy reading, cooking, and drinking wine :)