I am so anxious.

Want my youngest to get potty trained! However he cries and cries everytime he's put on the potty!
I have a chart put up for him but he doesn't care about stickers.. or m&m's which are the rewards for potty..
I dunno what else to do!

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    How old is he? My son screamed on his potty chair for a while. I left it in the livingroom for him to get used to it for a couple weeks. Then one day I asked him if he wanted to sit on it and he got excited. I set him on it (with clothes and diaper on) and he didn't scream. Now if I tell him to go poop on the potty he will sit on it and grunt lol. My daughter does too even though she's a year old. He's been on it a couple times without a diaper on and didn't freak out. We're getting closer!
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