bacon Jerky

Well attempt one at making home made bacon jerky is looking good. I think I got a bit too much honey in the marinade mix because the jerky stuck to the trays but live and learn. The hubs usually does the jerky but he wasn't interested because it is bacon instead of deer or beef so it was up to me. I just put it on for a couple more hours but it is looking good and has good flavor.

Tip: If you want to make home made bacon jerky marinade it in a bag and don't mess with it while it is marinating. Bacon will fall apart if you mess with it while it is marinating. I marinated it this time in a plastic container and shook it up every now and again when I was getting into the fridge anyway. I have a bunch of really small pieces now but it tastes good.

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    We bought a food dehydrator and it came with a book with recipes. Also some of my husbands friends make beef jerky so we got a couple recipes from them.

    We don't measure but here is the base for the marinade...
    Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, honey, and brown sugar. From there add whatever spices you want. We grow hot peppers in our garden so we like to mince up some of them and add them for a super spicy jerky.
    I had never heard of bacon jerky either until I noticed it in the beef jerky display at one of the gas stations. I was intrigued by it. I looked at the price and my first response was "Not worth the $6 when I can make it at home with higher quality bacon but I am intrigued enough to try it."
      My family loves to munch on jerky. We buy a 5 or 6lb roast and cut it in to strips for jerky and we can eat through that whole thing in two or three days. I love to make either beef or deer jerky but the bacon jerky has a good taste to it also. It is a bit cheaper to get. The boxes that I get are $12 for a 5lb box. Not too bad. I like having the dehydrator because I like to dehydrate apples also. I haven't really tried very many different things with it yet. Once baby is no longer on formula our food budget will be a bit bigger and it will be easier to get stuff to put in the dehydrator. Also garden season is slowly coming so we will be able to have fresh produce for cheap and be able to buy more fruits to try in the dehydrator. Baby is old enough to be able to go out side more so we will be able to be outside more and able to do more with the garden this year.
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