WE GOT....

We went out and got our self a Lab puppy!!! He's such a lover and handsome too. But I could use some tips on them so if you have any please share :)

    Congrats :) labs are great dogs aftet they get outta that puppy stage. I dog sat for a week for my nephews granma, her yellow lab was about 5 months old. And omg they are very active hyper big puppies and she ate EVERYTHING. Good luck :)
      How cute! We have two labs, some tips- they are the most sweet gentle and loving dogs but they need LOTS of love and exersize or they can become destructive so make sure the dog has plenty of outdoor time and walks and toys that are appropriate for chewing. They learn fast we taught ours to ring a bell to go outside. As a pup we'd take them out just about every half hour and tap their noses on the bell when we'd go outside. If they walked up and taped it we'd take them
      Our even if they didn't have to potty so they knew it meant they go outside. After a week or two they were doing it all the time. Good luck!
        Train, train train. Potty training will come.. But to train behaviorally is far more important than anything. Dogs that jump or don't sit still are obnoxious and not fun to have around.

        It's worth some money to get a trainer or your local SPCA has classes.

        I had a lab for 14 years and he was really well trained and a joy. My sisters two labs are kept outside all the time because they jump and take food and annoy everyone.

        I love a good dog.

        Crate training is great .. But I've never used one.
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