knowing when your doctor is WRONG!!!

this sucks!!! how do you argue with a test!! i mean.. grrr! i shouldnt be arguing with what the test says because it says all is fine, but HELLOOO! i know my body!!! this is soo annoying, looks like im gonna be searching for a new doc for a 2nd oppion!!! smh!

Nikki Hicks
    Nikki Hicks
    TMI but you asked! lol i had my women check up friday they did the full check up, told them i was sure i have a yest tinfection, the lady says just by doing the pap that it looks like one, we discussed a medican type, i leave, they call me a couple hrs later and say everything came back fine and theres nothing wrong, i complained to them about soreness and pains in my abdomen and well everything else thats comes with a yest infection i get tose more than offten and see them 2 times a month bc over the conter meds never work, everytime ive went to them in the past thats exactly what it was, i have things happing this time that havent before, i dont wanna go into too much detail, but if anyone wants to give an oppion from their own expeinces, feel free to message me.:)
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