Home with a sick toddler

Today has already been such a long day. I seriously hate doctor offices. Our appt was at 945am. I was hoping to get in out by 1045am. Nope we didn't get out til 1140. And didn't even get the test results. Have to call back at 1pm. Oliver may have strep boo :(

Am I excused to take a nap today?

    What I find odd is people who came in after me were being seen and leaving before I saw the doctor. I let them know that that was ridiculous. I could have came in with no appt and been seen faster, but I did the polite thing. I said a 12yr old who has way more patience than a 13mth can wait just a bit. But know let my son cry his little heart with 104 temp because that's how y'all do things.
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