Do you have a cat(s)? My husband and I are anxious to see how our cats do with the baby. Do you have any advice for bringing home a new baby with cats in the house?

We keep them out of the nursery but whenever they make it in there they like getting into stuff and also with the bassinet in our bedroom sometimes they sneak into that WHILE we are still in the room. For the most part we keep all doors shut in the home so they don't think they own everything...

    For the most part I don't think they will be a problem. I see them just being curious and maybe the youngest will be a little jealous cause he's a mama's boy and always needs to be near me. My female she just kinda hangs around and sleeps when she's not playing so I am hoping everything will work out! I would just really hate to have to get rid of them because of an issue. They were my first "kids" so I that would be devastating..

    I will try the scent thing, that seemed to work for our female when we brought our male home. Hopefully it'll work for baby!!

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