Last Update

Well the last update from my appointment today....quad screen came back totally normal, my baby boy is slowly moving out of his breech position, and he weighs 14 ounces

    8Theresa Gould
    Glad everything is looking good! You must be so relieved.
      Haven't heard of this test, but I had a "first trimester screening" done during my..first trimester. That was for down syndrome and a couple other things, everything came back normal for that! I was about 24 weeks I think when I went in for another ultrasound and he was breech. She had no concern because she said almost all of them lay breech for a little time in there but will come around the right way when time comes! Haven't had an ultrasound since then! He's a swimmer though, hopefully he will be where he needs to be when the time comes!

      So glad everything is looking good for you and your baby boy <3
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