Meal time..

I cooked a chicken and rice casserole that took about an hour and a half because I realized that I bought chicken breasts with BONE IN!... (pregnant brain) So cutting the chicken into bite sized pieces was very interesting and took some extra time..silly me. It turned out really good in my opinion but my husband didn't seem to impressed.. Last night I cooked a tuna casserole that literally took my 15 minutes to put together and bake and he was ASTOUNDED! So today I was a little insulted.. I try not to take stuff like that to heart but when I feel as if I "slaved" over a meal I think I expect a little more than.. "does this have mushrooms....??" or "it's not bad.." comments..

Maybe I am just being an emotional pregnant woman but now I don't feel like cooking anything! LOL

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    It really can be hard to go off of the little things men don't put out there. After I made a comment about him "not liking it" that's when he stepped up and says "i didn't say it was bad!" .... "you did good!" He only said it because I had made a comment. I can understand people not liking all foods made for them, but while he was upstairs sleeping I was down here sweating over bone filled chicken breasts to make for HIM! Also thinking he might want to take some to work tonight, he left 20 minutes ago empty handed. Not cool.
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      I think some days are just hard and honestly men really do not thing before they speak sometimes, nor do they understand how our hormones are out of whack when we are pregnant...unless you are on your third or fourth. I say overlook it and go on. Know you worked hard for the one you love (that's all that really counts, even if he didn't appreciate it as much as you would have liked), life it too short to let the little things get us or our marriages down.
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