Momma's heart is heavy today!

Today was a day I am glad is over..
Between me and you.. My 11 year old son and his friend watched an inappropriate video while over at his friends house..
My son confessed and admitted he wanted to not watch it.. but had felt pressured.

We cried and discussed how in life it is of utmost importance that you learn to make decisions on what you want in your life and what you don't.. and then standing your ground and not allowing others to lead you.. or to be tempted by our own lusts, desires etc..

I also explained to him how many times in my life I had not listened to other people who had told me to do this... Making up my mind about things before I got into a situation.. Ex what would you do if someone offered you "x" or "y" or if This was avialable.. would I do it..etc.. I explained to him how I had thought the adults were being worry warts..and that I would know what to do.. And I hadn't.. and in times of pressure had done things I regretted later.. and some of them still regret..

We hugged.. and cried.. But momma's still worried.. My boy is getting older..and I really wish he would start doing what I give him advice about.. I am so afraid he will do things in his youth.. that will haunt him the rest of his life..:(

Momma's heart is heavy today!
    8Theresa Gould
    It must be so hard. Glad he told you, that's a definite plus and to your credit that he trusted you enough to tell you. But I definitely understand your concern, worries and fears.
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