Crying is away to communicate with you.

Responding to your babies cries lets them know they are cared for, it builds trust, comfort and love.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I quite agree.
      ABSOLUTELY! agree with what you said!

      When my little sister was younger.. she had just had her first doctor.. He told her not to pick up her baby too much and or hold it too long.. or "spoil it" I ABOUT SPAZZED on him..

      Crying for a baby for a minutes or two is one thing.. but leaving a crying baby for an extended period of time. when you don't know if they need something... is just neglectful in my opinion!
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        It could be colic if it is persistent and that is not a condition that you should ignore so it depends on how long the baby is crying. I never let my baby cry it out.
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