I have been lucky enough to go natural every time with my children and im proud...

Going natural was a choice I made every time because I researched the risks and I didnt want to take any chances and I know I am strong and can handle it and if for some reason I was not handling it well enough and was putting stress on the baby I put it in my birth plan that my doctor could do what he thought was necessary...i encourage everyone to try but only you know your bodies and its not up to anyone else but you...also when I was born the anesthesia affected my mother and I and they almost lost us...so I was too scared too risk it...but im not gonna lie lol it was painful but i think worst part is last few hours of labor when contractions are so close and strong my labors usually last 12-14 hours...pushing doesnt really bother me just feels like your going to poop i think sorry for tmi

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    I liked going natural too. :)
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      yeah but pitociin just makes it even more painful lol so u did good!!
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