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What do all you mommy's do out there when you feel overwhelmed with your children's behavior? My 2 boys are ADHD (getting counseling and other versions of help), and their behaviors here lately are just out of control. They hit each other and the adults in the house. We try really hard not to spank and yell but sometimes, it does unfortunately happen. I am trying to be there for everyone's needs, everyone's interests and everyone's love. Just don't feel like I have the time for me anymore. Feels like I can't even go to the potty without something happening. Even my daughter is starting to pick up on the attitudes. I have watched Super Nanny to get ideas, I have read books, I have done some online research and even though I am applying a good portion of what I am learning, it doesn't seem to help. I know this is only my second day on the site, but any advice is more than welcome if you understand the situation or have been in it, or are even dealing with it. We do have a set schedule and I even allowed them to sit with me and write it up so that way they were involved in the process. Feeling so lost right now.

WendyOrlando, Florida
    8Theresa Gould
    I am sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. I think all of us do at some time or another. I think you just need to make some time for yourself, even it if's locking yourself in your bedroom for the day (confession: I have done this). Ask your fiance to take care of them for the evening or this weekend or do you have a friend or family member who could do it?

    I don't have any ideas for the ADHD, not having dealt with that myself, but I do have active children and sometimes shoo them outside to run off energy. Have you asked your sons' counselor for advice? Is the counselor getting anywhere or helping?
      this can be very hard I grew up ADHD and it was tough to control my emotions and focus. I'm not sure what to do about your children but I do think you need to do something for your own sanity! Like Theresa said ask for a night off tell him you are in desperate need. Maybe ask the counselors your children are seeing if they have any tips for parents, support groups or even sources for your own therapy along with them.
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