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What do you do with your child before bedtime? I know most people say to read them a book after you give them a bath. Or do a massage for them as you put on lotion. Just do our kids really want to sit still while we do these things? sometimes I give him a bath before bed, but I find it easier to do during the day. Sometimes I read to him as I am feeding him, but he just wants to play when the book is out. So I read to him all day long instead. I put lotion on him of course, but that is a fight every time. He hates to lay there for it. So I really don't have time to massage him. At bedtime I just feed him, lay him down, and sit by him while he goes to sleep, which takes a long time sometimes, he always fights his sleep. How do you go about bedtime? and a child who fights their sleep?!​

    )) nice title, Brittney)
    As I know from my sister (her son is about 1 year and a half) the best way to take him sleep is to feed him (breastfeed - only that way he will be satisfied) and go for a walk.
    Fresh cool air is the best way for my nephew, but you know, every baby is a person)) I'm not sure it'll work for you
    Well I am in Indiana and its to cold to go for a walk. My son does love being outside and it always calms him, just its hard to do with how cold it is getting now. Over the summer we went on walks all the time before I got him ready for bed. I don't breast feed, I did at the beginning, but I got an infection in my boobs and had to stop. He is on formula now and he seems to like it and he does well with it. I guess he just thinks he is going to miss out on something if he falls asleep, so he fights his sleep till he cant do it any more and finally passes out. Its usually around 10:30 or 11:00 though, and I think a good bedtime for kids is usually around 9:00 right? that's when I start getting him in bed, he just doesn't fall asleep then.
    I think all this varies again.. how old is he again? My neighbor made her son's bedtime 7:30.. no matter what.. even when he was a few months old.. he is 2 and it's still 7:30. As for the walks.. I think places like the Netherlands would disagree on the cold weather thing.. haha They take their babies out and bundle them up regardless! ha Heck some countries let them take naps outside in the cold because they think it's much healthier.. who knows :)
      I am hoping to do a bedtime routine for our little one.. they say it can be really important and cue them that bedtime is coming.. rather than going with the flow and doing things out of sync each day.. anything that triggers perhaps going to sleep would be helpful I think.. my baths, does lotion and does 2 books before bedtime each night.. her oldest, now 5.. has gotten so used to it and goes right to sleep :)

      But also.. to each their own.. schedules varying between Moms and making what works for you.. works :)
        8Theresa Gould
        The younger the child, sometimes the shorter the attention span. That's when little board books are great starter books.

        I think at this point you are working towards your goal of a bedtime routine. Your little guy is still quite young and it sounds like he isn't tired. Does he take a late nap? Sometimes late naps (after 3-4pm) can cause a later bedtime.

        We read to our two little guys, well, mostly my husband does at this point, give back rubs/scratches and sing to them. They are 3 and 5 and are in bed between 7:30 and 8pm now that it's darker sooner. During the summer we extend bedtime just because it's lighter later and the kids love to play outside.
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