Bathing with son

So I have a question: at what point does it become inappropriate to bathe with your children? Son, specifically. I have been bathing with my son since he was 3 months old (bit enough to be in a baby bath in the bath tub) and I wanted to know how long I may do this. I don't want him knowing more than he should. Can anyone give me advice?

    at Jennifer, what age would that be? I still do skin on skin with my son and he's 5 months old. I just don't want to be inappropriate with him and then he'll start making others uncomfortable by saying things or touching.

    at Debi I agree! That's why I bathe with my son lol. Usually I bathe him and then I shower (in luke warm water as to not have hot water touch him accidentally) How would I know if he became uncomfortable with it?
      if you are not wanting him to know at a young age i would stop around age two like i said my daughter is 3 and she still has yet to notice anything or point anything out but i stopped letting them shower about a week ago because she wanted to know why boys were boy and girls were girl so i did not need her trying to figure out the body she still thinks the only thing different is boys don't have a couter. and we do but she has sad nothing about the male part
        at Debi. I do very much agree! I don't use other names for parts of the body. In my faith, God created everyone, and everyone is beautiful. Everything has a purpose, and I want my son to know the correct information, as you said, not getting the wrong thing from others. I am going to tell him the basics on where babies came from. Simply: God used the love between mommy and daddy to put a tiny miracle inside mommy, and it grew and grew until it got so big mommy had to give birth." Or something of that nature

        at Jennifer, isn't innocence just beautiful! :D I think two is a good age. He'll start talking pretty well at age 2 and sometimes kids just say what's on their minds :P
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