Happy now?

Fine i deleted the natural birth post, hope your all happy. I joined this site to share opinions and meet moms and all I can do is be criticized and have several people send me nasty messages afterword? You people need Jesus in your lives (who, by the way was born naturally)

Amber BradleyRedding, California
    I support you on that, I had a natural birth, it was a great experience and I hope to do it again some time in the future.
    Amber Bradley
    Thanks, I was pretty hurt by some of the comments and all of the messages :(
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      Amber Bradley
      That's kind of what I was thinking, you would think that at least the hostesses would be a little less crude.
      Amber Bradley
      Thank you, wish there was more of this gentle kindness on my last post :)
        Well.. What HAPPENED?? How did I miss it?

        Whatever happened ... it goes against everything we try to do.. there's a way to say , hey that's not for me.. but good for you.. everyone can get defensive and offensive in a moments notice.. and that's just not what it's about...

        Were you celebrating your natural birth or were you advocating it, leading moms to feel they needed to defend their "UN natural" birth..? Maybe you did without really knowing it..

        I can preach about how great it was for me to have an epidural... and it was .. I'm pro epidural as it made the experience and whole 18 hours not awful and I was able to be present and not escape into mind over pain mode...
        But that's ME... Maybe I'm wimpy.. Maybe I'm stronger..

        Who... cares.... Lets all support and love one another.. period. I'm sorry if you felt bashed.. wish I were there
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