You know, I've always been curious about wigs. I love my long red hair, but at times, idk, I would like it to be shorter and black. Maybe brown curly hair? But I don't want to change my hair permanently. Last time I dyed it black and cut it, my hair took 2 years to grow out. ...What do yall think about trying out wigs, and what's the price of ones that look nice? Thanks :)

    Jeanette ~ I too have been intrigued by wigs... but never had the strength to wear one! They seem so neat ... you can be a new woman! ... although I have always wanted red hair... so I envy yours!
      If you get one ... post some pictures in your new do!
        hey Jeanette... have you been shopping for wigs? Have you shopped online or in stores... just curious if you have some good online sites?
          Yeah ...something like that might be better to try on and see how it looks and fits... I think I am with you there... but then again it might be considerably cheaper online
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