Baby's Sick

It's nearly 5am on the East coast. I've been up since 3 with my sick daughter. :(

I've been sick with a cold that sunk to my chest for the last four days. Tonight, she was a little fussy and felt a little warm, but she's been teething, so I thought my breastmilk was keeping her safe. We had her bath, and she fell asleep an hour earlier than usual. It was then I noticed her sleep was very restless. She kept moaning and making little noises. It was unusual, so I kissed her forehead, and she was warm. Forehead thermometer was reading 102ish. Oy. She was five hours into her last dose of ibuprofen, though (teething), so I thought it best to let her sleep.

2:55am, I'm awake and looking right at her, and her eyes are wide open. Suddenly, she's getting sick and her broccoli dinner represents itself. We sit up for a half hour, try more ibuprofen, and have a repeat performance.

Now, at five, we're back in bed, and I'm not risking anything. She's asleep, and I'll let her stay that way. Unless her fever is gone, I'll probably call the doctors at 7:30 to see if they want to see her.

Moms, thanks for listening.

    I hope that she continues to do well and sleeps for you. Sick children can be so painful to watch for us mommas! I would call the doctors just to check!
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