I am truly Blessed!!

I love how my son truly is a Cuddle Bug...he loves getting lovins and he absolutely loves attention (especially from me, of course)...My daughter was never really much of a cuddler she was independent from the beginning sometimes i wish i wouldve changed that...she acts too mature for such a young age, things that would normally amuse or entertain a child at her age dont she loves helping and cleaning...reading is her true passion...although she does really get excited for her horseback riding lessons...i love my kids and wouldnt change them for the world!!!

I am truly Blessed!!I am truly Blessed!!
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    Im a single mom of 2....My Pipsqueak she was born in 2004 and My Cuddle Bug he was born in 2012....my children mean more to me then my life itself they give me the joy I need and give the real meaning to "Love"