Lower-middle class, stay at home mom blues

I am an average lower middle class citizen, I wish money had never been an issue in my life, but it was. I did what I could when I was on maternity leave, my husband is a labor worker and I had worked part time in retail so we didn't make much. To be honest we barely squeaked threw many months. I would turn in clothes to thrift stores, but as I have three little ones there want a lot left by the end. I did mystery shops for a while but being out doing shops my housework suffered = a lot of stress added to my life. It took a long time to find something that works for me and my family. I ended up being a consultant at a company called Pure Romance. I wanted to stay home with my kids but still work at my own time. So I do home parties and internet sales. I enjoy it very much and only work a few hours a week. I would say more but I don't want to rant about it on here like a sales woman. :) Basically all I'm saying is there are always options that are right for you to make a little extra, sometimes it is one day at a time. I love my family and beforehand felt like I was sacrificing something, so this was my choice for a bit of extra income. :)

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    it's hard to find work, but it's there .. some places.. and I didn't make a LOT of extra money but it was some.. I did everything from errands to dog walking, to care taking, to house sitting, data entry, catering drop offs...

    A lot of when I did those my kids were tiny and child care was just too expensive.. so, on the errands job, they would go with me.. not ideal, but you do what you need to do...

    Good for you.. sounds interesting.. your consulting job...
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        I got tired of working in corporate America and making someone else rich while I was being over worked, under paid and missing all my daughter's activities. Thus, I have joined a group of women who help create Extraordinary Lives for Ambitious Women. We have partnered with a Wellness Company that has been around for 29 years and we work from the comforts of our home. So if you would like to start making a residual income to supplement or replace your current income and work towards becoming Financially Free vist me at DreamWithYrEyesOpen.com. Best wishes to everyone! God Bless!
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