My little pookie decided she didn't want to sleep last night...it was the first rough night we've had in the two weeks we've been home so I cant complain but mama is tireddd luckily its snowing all of our doc appts got cancelled today and its a lounge in pjs kind of day! Shes napping and I am about to as well...my only problem is shes been on a kick where she only sleeps if being held...how do I break this?!?!

    Cuddling feels good for baby and mama. You dont want to let them go because they grow so fast, but sometimes we mamas need a break too. When they are tired cuddle for a little then put her down when she is half asleep and continue to do this until she can fall asleep on her own. Ive been doing it since birth and it works for me. My bundle of joy has a sea horse lullaby toy that is soothing to fall asleep to,or I put on some soft music. Repetition is the key good luck
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