Photo shopped baby pictures!?!

Ok.. really? I have a friend.. who had baby pics taken and then had the photographer touch them up...

I'm fine with enhancing colors of the shirt or background.. but she had hair removed from between her eyes (a little bit of unibrow going on ) and took off her freckles. on her arm.. (one big birthmark on her forearm)..

NOW.. that's really all .. and I'm wondering.. if I would do the same.. pretty sure I wouldn't.. If I didn't want the birthmark shown, I'd put her in something else, but to ME.. it feels like what's wring with the world today..

So, my mom friend, who is great person btw.. is already showing her daughter that the standard of beauty.. does NOT include blemishes...

Maybe I'm over thinking.. I don't know.. My kids pics.. lol.. they are messy and silly and only one of them is looking at the camera at a time.. and I LOVE THEM!!!

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