5 Effective Beginning Reading Strategies for Toddlers

I just read my daughter some books before her nap (nap attempt #2 today) And then did some reading of my own, this article. I thought this was a cool simple way to help get your toddler interested in reading. I am always wondering how to teach Holly to be interested in books and letter sounds and sometimes I think I don't really know what I am doing, but discovering that I do these simple steps made me feel like i'm not so clueless after all! How did you start the foundation of letters and reading with your children?

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    Singing :) my son loves to sing but every child is different so what works is different of course...we started singing our ABC's when he was only 2...he likes listening to music so I got CD's that sang about numbers and ABC and we sang together...I rewarded him when he sang these songs to me...with stickers ect...and now i picked up some preschool books from dollar tree with his favorite cartoons on them for tracing and matching numbers ect...so him and I set down when he is bored and we work on it he loves it
      I'm a big Dr. Seuss fan and always read his books to my sons. My 6 year old picked up reading real fast because he memorized the books and once he had them memorized he was able to point out the same word in other books. He likes to know how things work so he always asked questions of why does th and sh and ch and so on and so forth have different sounds. So once he was asking me that. I made flash cards of all the different combinations of letters that made weird sounds and he had them memorized. After that it was easy. He is 6 and reading chapter books. :D
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