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People say that to me all of the time, the fact of the matter is that most women do not want c-sections and have to it for saftey reasons. I personally have never heard of someone opting for one or a doctor just suggesting one cause they have plans later. I always feel inadequate when people make that statement to me. I am preganat with nubmer two now and still have no choice and have to have a c-section. Sorry about the rant its just a touchy subject for me.

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    I've had 2 c-sections. It takes a lot to recover from them. You should be on bed rest for almost a month afterwards. You will need help, you shouldn't be moving around and possibly causing harm to your incision.
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      Don't worry, Lindsay, the only thing you missed out on is some very battered privates! You're a mom just the same as all the others (and this comes from somebody who had 3 kids vaginally, the last without any epidural or any "assistance" medically)
      My first was breech and literally suction-cupped to the inside of my ribcage and swallowed fluid. My 2nd was too big. I am a small person anyway, 5ft tall and 110lbs my body can't handle much. I do get offended when people make assumptions or judge because I've had c-sections. I could have tried to do natural labor with my 2nd one but I was told it could do harm to me and him so why chance it.
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