Husband help?

The only time my husband and I really argue is over how we parent our son. I have my way of doing things and he has his. When our son cries I want o pick him up and comfort him but he says I'm ruining him and am starting to spoil him. We have him sleeping in a bassinet beside the bed in our room and when Jr starts to cry at night he says "if he was in his crib in his room this wouldn't happen". How do I handle this without fighting with my husband?

    Do you have any parenting or baby care books? Maybe he would read some? Also try having him go to the pediatrician appointments with you, your doctor can let him know what is normal and what to expect from a baby that age. It is important to discuss parenting choices together, it will only get harder as time goes on so try to have good communication now.
      Babies cry, usually/ always for a reason- diaper, hunger & needs comforting or just gassy. This would happen no matter where you have your child. Your husband is not sure how to handle the situation and probably assuming he knows, it's hard not to start an argue but it happens. You're not spoiling your son hes only asking for what baby needs. Try the 5 S's - Swaddle, Side-Stomach Position, Shush, Swing and Suck. Your husband sounds like hes not sure how to handle it, I hope you get through without a fight.
        Thank you all so much for your help and advice. Will have him come with me to the next dr. appt on the 24th.
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