Today was a bit better.

I wasn't feeling as overwhelmed today. But then again everyone says take some me time, and if I can't do "ME" time I will do "What I want time" and that was spend time playing with my babies. I have told the fiance and the roommate is next, that I will no longer be coordinating their lives. Only people's lives I should be focusing on is me and the kids. If my fiance and roommate cannot coordinate their own, then they just need to leave me out of it. I will not be responsible for more people that I should be. My kids are first and foremost and I don't need the added stress from others. Once I get a chance I am going to start taking more pics of the kids and wildlife, and start enjoying the outside more and more :) Even though I have a fiance and 3 kids, it's still time to do me while taking care of my responsibilities. Thank you everyone for your bits of great advice and allowing me to vent a little bit. I am sure there will be more, but for now time to focus. :)

WendyOrlando, Florida
    Thank you Sheila and Kim,

    Hard when you have a house full of people and you are the only one coordinating. But I now feel a bit of stress lifted since I will no longer be doing it. They are grown men and can fend for themselves if need be. If they can't then they don't need to be around. It's hard because I love my fiance with all my heart, but I don't need another kid to take care of. Him and I had that conversation this morning and I am hoping he knows I am serious about all this. :) I will definitely keep you posted. I am researching crafty ideas to do with the kiddos tomorrow after all their appointments. :)
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