School pressure...

I feel so bad for my daughter lately. She has been so stressed and upset that one of her teachers has put her & 2 other girls in a regular class and has been making her learn algebra. Keep in mind she is autistic,16 & in a special needs class. She works at a 4th-5th grade level. And this month he is making 3 of them learn algebra.

I asked him why and he says its for MCAS testing. I said yes, I get that but why are you trying to make her do this when she has no idea how and it's upsetting her that she can't and you keep forcing hard work on her. I never heard of this before. They shouldn't be able to do this to special needs kids.

Some autistic kids can't handle the stress when forced to learn something they don't understand. They shouldn't be able to do this. She isn't the kind to speak up if something is wrong either. Or if she cannot do something, or needs help. She keeps quiet then tells me when she is home. They don't get that.. I tell them all the time even if they ask her is she needs anything she will just say she is okay. Even if she isn't.

I have an appointment to speak with the administrative office tomorrow. I hope something changes. I hate to see her so stressed out and upset. Making her not want to go to school.

Anyone had any problems similar to this?

    I hope your appt. goes well for you and your daughter gets the help she needs, schools are stressful. I'm thinking about homeschooling at this rate.
      Thanks everyone. I just feel so badly for her. And annoyed they are pressuring her like this.
        Sending kids to school is very hard these days. There is so much pressure thrown at them from every direction. I would certainly march into that school and demand some answers. Look at the material they expect your child to learn and then decide if this is a realistic goal for her. I would inform your daughters therapist or healthcare provider and they may be able to send a note to her school as to why this is not a realistic goal considering her situation. I know many kids who are not autistic who cannot learn algebra and it sounds to me like this teacher is an ass like so many of them are. Good luck and don't stress about it because your daughter feels your anxiety too....
        Yes, he does seem like an ass! He even cuts me off when I'm talking then says " can I finish!"... Oh, I'll get to the bottom of this. I see her cardiologist in a couple weeks so I'll definitely have her write them a letter. This is craziness.
        And yes, I stay calm because she is very nervous already. She don't even want to go to school tomorrow because she is nervous the teacher will approach her. I told him not to that she is nervous of confrontation. She don't like feeling pressured. (Who does!) So he better not!
          Kim Haiduke, It went good. I spoke to someone in the administrative office and she went to take a look at what work he was giving her and decided it was too hard for her & switched the work to something else a bit easier.

          Her teacher also let them watch a movie for the first time EVER last week so, maybe he thought about it and realized he is over doing it with these special needs girls. You need to add some fun in the mix sometimes for them to continue working for you. Or they get too stressed. Hope he stays doing better.

          My daughter even said that he asks her now if the work is okay or too hard. So it makes me feel better that she is less stressed. Thanks for asking :)
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