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What can you expect for your baby? She will be a very passionate person. She is fiercely competitive, motivated, and driven. She is very bright but is easily bored or distracted. You won't have to worry about her being a couch potato. She will be very athletic or physically active. She is emotional, sensitive, and affectionate. Her image and good looks are very important to her. When she gets to be a teen she will be the one that refuses to wear anything that is not hip. She will burn a whole in your pocket if you let her. She will drive you crazy wanting the newest fashion trends. She enjoys listening to music, dancing, and loves a good drama (whether its fiction or real life).

She will be very ambitious and will do well in life. She adapts well to change and can function well in just about any setting. She is good at rolling with the punches and nothing gets her down. Career chooses may include actor/model, doctor, lawyer, advertising executive, or politician.

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    Spook I was a teenager when I first got pregnant I got married after my second I work and take care of my family currently me n my husband are planning our third