Mommy Time!

He finally passed out. After an hour of fighting his sleep. With about 20min of that just crying...he is out cold! Now it is me time!! What do you all do in your mommy time? after the bedtimes, or anytime you have one free min?! I am now in my pj's with my hot chocolate and my tv show Parenthood is new and on! Its an hour of just me!! unless he wakes up :( plz no! ​

    Amanda Hurley
    We don't have cable, so I use my mommy time to catch up with my favorite shows online. I have a list of when the shows air. Usually, the show comes on the network site the next day.
      Brittney, hope you had your mommy time yesterday - and enjoyed it much!
      Your little one is almost half a year - he will sleep all night long soon, so you'll have more mommy time for yourself)
      I'm not mom, but at my "wife time" i usually cook and watch TV shows - while my hubby is on work.
        8Theresa Gould
        I read, watch TV, work or spend time with my husband when all the children are in bed.
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