First day

it's 11:00 at night so my kids are asleep. I'm wasting my alone time on this site. Lol... Any thing especially sweet on here?

    Welcome... looks like I missed you when you were online... but there is TONS of information on this site... just browse around! Glad you are with us Rachel! i see you are in WI I am in IL... how far up in WI are you from IL?
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      Rachel! ... ooo so close! Welcome neighbor :)
        i am glad you find us welcoming! We try! So what is new out in the WI area/ Have you gotten much snow? My parents live in Montello, WI (Marquette County) and have a ton!
          Summer will probably be too short and then we will have snow again! LOL!
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          I am a mom of two with one on the way. My oldests name is kaytlin and she is four. Then there's my baby Noah, he is two. I'm expecting a baby in September. My kids are my world. I am a stay at home mom and wife.