Natural Birth?

I'am having my first baby(girl)in june,I want to have a natural birth at home,what I will like to know ,as you have more experience than I is the pain really bad,for example I had a broken leg in two places at once(I was17)can the pain compare to this?Also I'm looking for a good midwife.

Genevievemandy AlcurriedeMortonMiami, Florida
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    The pain of labor varies with each woman and each labor, no two are alike. The pain of labor is different then broken bones. Remember that labor pain comes and goes with the contractions and you get a reward of a baby at the end. If you could handle two broken legs I think you will probably be ok with labor pain. Try calling local doulas in your area for advice on a good home birth midwife. Good luck!
    8Theresa Gould
    Yes, my last three were born naturally at home. Labor is labor. You really cannot prepare for it except to learn how to breathe through contractions, which I learned at Lamaze. That's about the only thing I recommend Lamaze for. ;) Your midwife or doula can help you.

    To find a midwife, contact or google midwives miami florida A LOT came up. Interview them and see which one you like the best. Referrals from friends is always a good way to go too. That's how I found my midwife.
      Amber Bradley
      Pain differs from mother to mother, all my children were born naturally at home and my pain wasn't really too bad. Definatly doesn't hurt the same way a broken bone does! I think it would be amazing if you had a home birth, it is the best feeling in the world to be the first one to touch, hold, bathe and smell your baby!!
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