When to Pump!

Ah.. Mamas.. my babe is approaching 2 weeks old.. woo!

So far I have been trying my hand at mastering bf'ing him.. every day it gets better, less painful, more natural.. we are getting there!

Best of all.. he already surpassed his birthweight and he is actually tongue tied as well.. making latching harder, so that was HUGE!

Anyways.. my question is about pumping.. because I want to start doing it.. but I am in very foreign territory.. where do I begin? I feed the lil babe every 3 hours or so.. I doing ONE side at a time, it just works best for us and a few issues I dealt with in the very beginning.. but I need guidance on when to pump, what side, how long, etc..

ANY advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks loves!

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      What I should have done, hind sight is 20/20, was pump the opposite breast after feeding him while you are still only doing one breast at a time. Once he takes both breasts at a feeding pump them both afterwards. I have one breast that produces almost twice as much milk because I didn't feed evening in the beginning. And getting in the habit of pumping after each feeding will help increase supply and build you freezer stash.

      Breast feeding gets better, you both have to learn. At this point I love having that one on one bonding time.
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          When I first started pumping I would pump before breast feeding to help her latch on because I was so engorged, then I would do it while she napped too. Keep switching sides, Do what works for you.
          I breast feed till she's satisfied and then pump the opposite side. Then next feeding I'll bf on the side I pumped and feed her with the other side & so on.
            My first tip would be to wait until he's at least 4 weeks old. Mostly just because you don't want to overstimulate your boobs and end up with an engorgement issue. As your body figures out how much to make it's not as big of an issue. My second is that you can't really use a bottle INSTEAD of nursing. If the baby is drinking a bottle you need to be pumping at the same time so you're body knows when it needs to make milk. That said, in the early days 10-15min of pumping instead of 30-40 min of breastfeeding wrestling did seem like a nice break :)

            Here's how I did/do pumping. I stay home and nurse most of the time but I wanted my husband to be able to give a bottle every once and a while and I needed to have at least one bottle in the fridge for when I'd be out of the house.

            Most newborns only need like 2-2.5oz in a bottle, so to get started I needed to come up with that much breast milk. I would pump about and hour after I started nursing - so if I nursed at 7:00 I'd pump at 8:00. Sometimes there was only 20-30min between Avery finishing nursing and me starting to pump. It was just enough time for my body to produce a bit more milk so it was worth pumping but didn't "steal" any milk from the next nursing session. I did this after each nursing session until I had my 2.5oz (or whatever i needed). If i pumped after the morning session I usually could get that in one sitting, but some aren't as lucky.

            Once you've stockpiled as much as you think you need then you just nurse like normal and pump when the baby is getting his bottle. To get started my husband would give Avery her bottle once a night and I would pump once a night. It helped her to learn the bottle and I got a really good sense for where my milk supply was at. Now she only gets a bottle when I'm at class and I pump when I get home. I figure as long as I pump within an hour of when she actually eats my supply won't be effected.

            Okay, that was probably too much info, but I'm done now :)
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