Well my son is 3 and a half he has recently been taught to sleep on his own...

TIP 1- Your child will show you when he or she is ready...I chose that my son was ready when he was fully potty trained could sleep through the night and when his nightmares stopped...well lessoned...he is in counseling for his brothers death it took a lot out on him at his age and what he seen...
TIP 2- once you start do not give in to your child...if they cry because its dark get a night light dont keep the light on all night...its too stimulating for some kids...from experience i had to break that habit quickly...
TIP3-If your child starts waking up because your not next to them that is normal...they are going to be frightened by something new like this...but it is a healthy stage to learning how to sleep alone...and they need to learn that...so explain that give them something to attach too...a stuffed animal...a blanket...maybe even a CD of music if that helps soothe them
TIP 4-leave the bathroom light on if they can't reach it so there is no confusion for them about where to go at night so no accidents happen and if they do...it can be because they slept to deeply...drank to much before bed...because they were scared to get out of bed...stay calm and they will stay calm and talk to them
TIP5- I let my son wind down by watching cartoons for a half hour if he has behaved well all day sometimes this can help...other times it stimulates them and they have trouble sleeping so beware when trying this haha
TIP6- BEDTIME routine helps...so read a book take a bath...or sing a song and put in a movie like bengi
TIP7- Full tummies really help sleep when your child doesn't eat right it can cause sleep issues...too much sugar to much protein google it...
TIP8-remember it might bother you more than your child...because co-sleeping can cause such a bond it almost breaks your heart...but I promise it will be nice waking up fully rested and getting alone time with your partner if you have one...If your child sees how much it upsets you they will think they have a reason to be upset so set boundries and stick to it and it will happen good luck mommies this is just what helped me...I was stuck in a situation where my son would wake up and cry until he could hold my hand and go back to sleep...it was rough and i had enough of it lol as much as i love him i needed space

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    Good advice.
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      Thanks I know I was at my wits end figuring it out for a bit...wish i would have known about this site then haha
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