....ugh stressed a bit tonight...worried about honeymoon cost...

only get married once and I do not want to miss it...you know it seems so small and I do not want something like a trip to paris...I just want a night alone in a fantasy suite something fun we won't forget and that we will always remember...and I know its not super important but I am short 100.00 for it and I just need a way to make some fast money...I debated on selling a few of my designer dresses anyone interested they were bought cheap so I would sell them half price only been worn once or twice beautiful I can upload pics later tonight.....OR any tips on making some fast cash wedding is march 31...I even checked out getting a credit card...desperate bride lol

4Karalyn HinesDodgeville, Wisconsin
    8Theresa Gould
    Have you tried selling on eBay or Craigslist? Wishing you luck!
      4Karalyn Hines
      I am going to try and sell some stuff over the facebook garage sale sites and craigslist wish me luck girls haha who knows i might make more than enough that would be nice :)
        4Karalyn Hines
        O thats a good idea too they have a twice is nice store in my town! :)
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