Shares birthdays in your family!?

Curious. My niece was born on my birthday and my daughter was born on my moms birthday.
I'd ask what the odds of that were but I'm pretty sure it's 1 in 365 (that's what my smart ass 9 yearl son said to me lol).,

But anyone else????? I think it's pretty cool. I'm sure some don't want to share their day though.

    Amber Bradley
    Brynlee and her cousin Ryle have the same birthday!! I HATE IT!!
      vanessa shamp
      My cousin gave bith to her twin girls on my birthday that was a really cool birthday gift. no one else shares that i know of but the weird thing is my daughter birthday is april 25, my brothers birthday is april 26 and april 27 with be 12 years that my papa has been gone. my other daughter is march 18th and my son was born july 1st the same morning my G.Grandma passed away
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