Moderate but not too strict...

In general you can eat everything, as long as you keep in mind that whatever you choose to eat will also get into the breast-milk you feed your LO. And the question the digestive system of your infant already that far developed to process it right? Try to listen to your instinct..(unfortunately not all mommies can) Me for example...without knowing it or force I cut my favorites sushi, sashimi and medium steaks out of my diet. (Because of the danger of the mercury and bacteria level) Also after delivery(without even craving for it). I tried not to eat too much of all kind of cabbages, because they can upset your LO's tummy cause by the gases. Unless you cook it yourself and put some caraway seeds in there. It takes out the gases and you good to go.
You can eat everything and you should eat!! It's important for you and your infant.
Especially your prenatal vitamins!!( If you take any.) It's necessary for your body to fill back up the fuel which was taken by your precious one and still needed for his development in the 1st year of his development.

Just cut the amount of products which contains too much raw, gas and acid.
Enjoy! :)

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