frigging snow! :(

Yesterday it got up to 52 degrees here in Iowa. And now today it is supposed to start snowing around noon. We are supposed to get 7 1/2 inches of snow where I live. I am supposed to work 9-2 for overtime today. Trying to debate if I should try going or not. Because it is not doing anything now so maybe just head in early and hope they let me do that. But if they don't then I drove to work to just sit there. :( UGH!

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      I worked 2 hours and came home. It is horrible outside! over 100 schools are closed. It is still snowing. And around 9pm supposed to be 60 mph winds. Thank goodness left early. We slid a LOT. The snow started right as I was leaving and i wasn't even half way out of town before the roads got bad. We had what is called ThunderSnow. So it is thundering and lightening as it is snowing.
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