We are making a move at the end of the month back to my home town. My husband has played hockey his entire life and now coaches and elite team that travels A TON he's gone just about every other weekend and when he is here he still will have 2-4 games over a given weekend not to mention practice during the week on top of his regular day job. He loves hockey and coaching it and I think he would do it until the day he died if he could.

One of the major factors prompting our move is his work load. It is just too much and he's missing a lot of precious time with our daughter. He agrees and knows this move is the right thing to do for our family. But this week is his last week of hockey and I can tell he is sad. The hard part for me is I am really happy about it. The thought of getting him back and having him around is so exciting to me. But I want to be respectful of his feelings because I know how hard it is for him to stop doing what he loves on a regular basis. He is still going to be involved on a smaller scale after we leave but I know he's still sad.

I am trying to be supportive of him and not flaunt my excitement.

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