how do you stay passionate with your job when all you can do is think about your baby?

Just tired all the time. I do the minimum at work and I can't seem to run the household anymore. Feels like I'm falling apart.

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    I agree with Linda. It is ok to let stuff go a bit. You need to take care of you and spend time with your baby too. If your husband is concerned about the house not being clean then he should step up and help clean it.
      You are not alone... I feel sometimes in the middle of the week, and stop and think is this normal??? Should I be THIS tired at 5? The last couple hours with the kids and homework and dinner and picking up and bedtime and bath... takes everything out of me,. I often check in my mom friends to make sure that what Im feeling is "normal" and it seems its super common... and then I feel better knowing it's not JUST me, but then I think...wait. that's not good.. I don't want to live through this miserably...

      How old are your kids?
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