How I keep my house clean

Maybe my system is a little out there, but it works for me and I thought I'd share in case it would work for you.

One day I got so tired of running around trying to keep the house clean i was ready to give up and just become a hoarder or something. I felt like it was a losing battle of cleaning, messing, and cleaning again. So I sat down and made a spreadsheet. Yep, that's right I'm one of those spreadsheet people.

In the first column I started listing every chore I could think of. I mentally went through each room in my house and thought of all the projects/cleaning I could do there. I included little things that are done regularly like dusting/vacuuming/sweeping and big things like organizing closets or cleaning out old clothes. My list was really long, so I went through and combined different rooms and such (ex. instead of making dusting each room a separate task I combined into "dust main floor"). This took maybe 20min to finish my list.

In the second column I wrote how often I'd like to do each chore. For example, I'd vacuum our main floor once a week, vacuum our basement once a month, organize my daughter's closet once a year, etc. This took maybe 15min. Then I sorted my chores by this column so they we're grouped by how often I did them.

In the third column I started spreading out the chores so I wouldn't be overwhelmed every day. For example, for all of my twice a week chores I designated them do be done on Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur. That way there aren't 50 things on one day. Keep in mind how labor intensive chores are so big ones are done on the weekends.

Then I put it all in iCal (i use a mac) which syncs with my phone. All I do now is look at my calendar every morning and see what 3-4 chores need to be finished that day. As long as they get done my house stays clean and I even stay up on big chores like cleaning out the garage or organizing closets occasionally.

    I need to do that!!!
      WOW! That is way organized... I know myself.. I would end up NOT doing one of them and then feel incomplete.. lol.. That is awesome though.

      I really impress on a room each day to keep it clean.. One day I pay extra attention to the kitchen and do floors, wipe down, etc.. and then the kids room, etc... so at least one room at all times is spotless.. Ish.
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        Yeah, when I first set up the calendar my computer set up default reminders for each chore. I shared the calendar with my husbands phone without realizing that and it drove him crazy! I just turned off all the reminders and we check out phone/computer every morning to see what chores are on the agenda for the day.

        The nice this is if I miss a chore one day I don't worry too much because I know it will come around again - and honestly it's still more often then I was doing it before I set up the system :)
          9Michelle Fritch
          Wow you are pretty organized, what I do is just make a list of everything that needs to be done and check mark next to it after I complete the chore.
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