Do you have a favorite charity? Do you involve your kids? How?

I do some work with the children's cancer foundation as well as some local food banks.. But neither of these are really kids friendly for my kids to go.. The food bank can be pretty sketchy and intimidating.. and they can't go to the hospital with me to visit the sick kids..

I have found that there are things they CAN Do like package things up and rally for donations, but I want them on the front lines.. I want them touched up close with how lucky they are and how they can feel helping someone else..

Any charity's you know of that can do that?

    We do the Christmas shoe box donation thing with the kids. They collect donations for kids, wrap the shoe boxes, and organize the stuff by gender and age and put it on boxes for kids. They have fun thinking about what the kids might want or need. We also help pass them out at a local women and children's shelter.
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