Today turned back to being rough.

I guess my fiance had enough of the kids and their behaviors today that he started packing his things. By the time we got home from picking me up at work, he had to leave for his job. When he was on the way out I told him not to forget his bags. He told me he didn't want to leave but he didn't know what to do anymore. I told him it seems like he wants the relationship without the kids being a part of it, and if that was the case he didn't need to be here. It feels like we are more roommates than we are in love and that's not a good feeling at all. I fell in love with a great man. I know he can do it but seems that he wants to doubt himself. He told me I seemed like I could do anything and that I don't hesitate when it comes to things that need to be done. Said that he isn't one for asking advice. Well I can understand and relate to that because I don't like asking either, but when I am in a slump, then asking it is. He just doesn't pay attention to the responses that he is given and doesn't follow the advice. I love him to death, but I can't be his mother. I need an equal, I don't need another grown child. This is hard and I really just don't know what to do about this anymore.

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    Thank you Stefany. I know what I have to do just really don't want to do it. I think he feels the same way. Both of us have had a lot of firsts and well I think we would hate for that to come to an end. But he is a great person. So I think we are going to try for a little longer and if it's not meant to be then it won't be. God's in control from here on out.
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    He doesn't do anything. Doesn't even communicate with me when something is bothering him. Doubt I can get him into counseling.
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