How do you incorporate your heritage in your kid's life?

I'm big into family traditions and I want to teach my daughter where she comes from. My ethnicity is basically euro-mutt but my grandma is 100% swedish so almost all of my family traditions are swedish. We have meatloaf, potato sausage, and lefse for Christmas dinner and oyster stew on New Years among other things. I definitely want to incorporate these things into my daughter's life.

My husband is a little more complicated. He was adopted from Korea and was raised by Norwegian parents. They worked hard to keep korean traditions in his life but it was a bit forced. Now I've left it up to him to decide what he wants to show out daughter. He doesn't really seem interested in sharing specific korean things with her though. He has mentioned wanting to celebrate his behingi day (the day he flew to the us as a baby), which I think is cool. Otherwise I think my half korean baby will be raised with swedish traditions, Lol.

What do you do in your house to teach your kids their heritage/culture?

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