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I haven't been on here for a couple of days. My little Jaiden-bug has a bad ear infection and has been pretty miserable. The doctor said that if she gets another in the next couple of months, she may have to have tubes put in her little ears. I also got the wonderful news that my cholesterol is too high, so I have to work on my diet and exercise to lower it, or go on medicine. So...we'll see what I can do in 6 weeks without medicine. Wish me luck, ladies.

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    my son got tubes before he was 1...it was like no matter what i did he got ear infections it drove me crazy once he got the tubes he has never had one since even after they eventually fell out...which they do its normal...and they are so small they are unnoticeable when they do...they will allow one parent to take the child back until he or she falls asleep by anesthesia...then you must leave usually takes one hour they say you will be back there before the child wakes up but sometimes that is not the case...when i came back to check on him which only one is allowed to do...usually...he was screaming cranky and in a little pain...the doctor was trying to comfort him but he fell fast asleep and stayed asleep most of the day and that night...they will advise you not to let your child walk but i let me son after several hours of resting and he was not off balance ect...i guess every hospital is different but they are very nice and work with you hear in madison WI
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