did you circumcise your baby boy/boys?

I know it's a very personal question, but why ​you did or didn't?

We didn't circumcise our son because of our culture, but I know it's a normal practice among our family friends. I know there are 2 different ways doctors perform it, and babies seem to be in a lot of pain and may have excessive amount of bleeding.

My husband believes it's healthy and natural to have a foreskin, there is no medical purpose to do this procedure. And talking about the future-"sex and life is better for man left him the way nature made him".

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    Amanda Hurley
    I did circumcise Grahm, and plan on it with this one. I really don't have a reason, other than it seemed like a normal thing to do. I don't know too much on this subject, but every other male in my family is circumcised. I believe that it is up to the parent. He did not seem to be in much pain. I know the Jewish believe that God gives little boys a natural anesthetic if they are circumcised at 8 days old. It was a practice that dates back to the old testament.
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        I don't have any children yet, but my husband and I are leaning toward not circumcising our children. To me, it is the same concept as piercing a baby girl's ears. If she wants them pierced, she can do so when she can make that decision consciously. I'm sure many men and boys would be a bit squeamish about getting a circumcision later in life, but if they want it... their decision. I'm not going to take that option away. I agree with you. I think a foreskin is natural and healthy, and I don't want to interfere with any future sex life.
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