What semi-solids food can be given to my 4-month old daughter?

Doctor has prescribed Rice starch, pulses and vegetables soup whiithout any salt, apple juice (she wants me to give her fruits later on or else she will develop a taste for only sugary things, That is why she wants me to give her bland things.

Please suggest some good options. she doesn't take bottle too. Also, shes quite moody in taking feed sometimes.

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      My doctor gave us the go ahead for purees at 4 months too. There are clear signs that your child is or isn't ready such as; head control, chewing motions, not pushing food out of his mouth, and curiosity in what you are eating. We started with basic purees; apple sauce, bananas, carrots, sweet potatos. My son never liked rice cereal unless it was used as a thickener for fruits of veggies. And we did give him fruits, but I can see what your doc is saying about getting a taste for sweet things.
        i believe shes ready to take semi-solids since she has now good head control, she keeps looking at what we eat, she wants to grab the spoon from my hand and eat on her own but she doesnt eat more than 5 spoons be it vegetables soup or pulses puree. sad part is whenever shes awake, she doesnt wanna even take my feed. I know shes hungry since she is chewing her hands but she will not take feed until I rock her, bring her to half sleep. Please somebody help.
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