Today? Happiness is my morning ALONE!!!

My kids are safely at Disney Land with their dad and grandparents for the weekend.. waking up today they are so excited and I'm so happy for them...They are safe and loved and going to have a blast..

NOW.. waking up today and NOT rushing to get a lunch packed and kids dressed was sooooo nice... I can't sleep in anymore, but ti was super nice to watch my tv show and olympic coverage and finish a hot cup of coffee...

I needed this break!!!

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    OMG.. Linda.. I HATE DIsney Land.. lol.. I LOVE lego land ... But Disney Land is so eery and creepy to me.. I never loved the princess movies or mickey mouse and the rides are all so super stoney acid trip creepy... it's a small world? All those creepy kids voices singing??? No.. thank you.. lol.. SO, I am SOOOO glad that their dad loves to take them there because I'm not gonna!!!!
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