Women's USA Figure skaters seem.....

Snotty!! I'm sorry, but I just have seen some clips of each of them and every single one of them seems so... precocious and obnoxious and pampered.

I know .. they are trained, disciplined athletes and that takes a certain breed of human, but I don't like any of their attitudes.. am I wrong?

    Being from the figure skating community I disagree with you. Though some of them can come off snotty, they are also highly highly media trained so sometimes their sort of manufactured media answers I think can come off disingenuine .

    Most of them are perfectly sweet girls but the Olympics is big business for figure skating, it is the ultimate achievement in the sport so sometimes the seriousness of the Olympics to a figure skater can make them seem that way too. Most are very sweet and dedicate their entire lives to the sport but like anyone not every single person is pleasant.
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