Do I have to have a birthday party?

My daughter is turning 7 .. she has left to go to Disney Land this weekend with her dad and his family to celebrate for 3 nights... Thats HUGE... I told her that when she get snack on Sunday, I will have her presents for her and she asked for a party.. and ALSO asked for an American Girl Doll..

The american girl doll is $120 plus.. So, I told her.. She could go to the (creepy) Doll store OR have a birthday party, but we couldn't do both..

She chose the store and now of course I'm wondering if I should throw her a party ... I Can't do it financially... Not both...

And she's got a trip to Disney Land and the store. but you know.. mom guilt gets you...

    have a lil cake after a family dinner when she gets back in stead of a big bday party.
      Yes.. so when she comes home on Sunday, I'll decorate our home and have a minim party for her then.. and then next weekend she and I are going to do the trip to the american girl doll store.. if you haven't been there.. ugh.. it's a lot.. and super expensive..

      I think that to have a party would just be a watt for her to get more gifts... lol.. which she has plenty of .. and I rough cupcakes to her class yesterday so she could celebrate with her friends..

      I think she's good.. Everyone just wants a day to feel special I think and she is having that about 4 different days...

      The store will cost me about $200 plus.. total.. which is a stretch for me and so .. nope... can't do both a party and store.. but she's so great and such a happy little girl..
      sounds good!
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