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My husband and I tried for 3.5 years before conceiving the first time. I didn't really want to do IVF, because I prefer things a little more natural. We got pregnant the very first month we used this combo.

I used lots of vitamins but most importantly

--Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) prior to ovulation (Helps to create more fertile cervical mucous. Don't take after ovulation though, as it can cause contractions)

--Soy Isoflavones ​for Cycle Day 1-5 (Been called non-prescription Clomid... marketed as a menopause drug. You can buy it at WalMart)

-- Coconut oil as lube to help the little swimmers and aid pH balance

-- And very importantly Fertilitea. This stuff has RAVE reviews and I can vouch that it worked for me. (This is a affiliate link, and if that bugs you you can search it yourself on Amazon... but buying from my links makes me happy ^^)

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    My husband and I both went to a doctor. My doctor told me that I was not ovulating and said I had cysts, most likely PCOS.

    Hubs had a varicocele (spelling) at one point during our trying which he had corrected by surgery. Some people swear it helps, but the studies say it doesn't make much of a difference. Who knows?

    So outside of testing we really didn't use the doctor, just the homeopathic stuff.

    By the way, the main thing in the Fertilitea is Chasteberry, also marketed as Vitex which you can buy on it's own. But the tea is delicious and has some other stuff that is supposed to help with conception.
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    It wasn't really the money or the pain I was too concerned about (love some body mods!) I think it was just the DIY-er/Experimenter in me that wanted to avoid the treatments and make it happen myself, lol! (That and perhaps a bit of distrust in the medical system) Thanks for the tips though in case we ever decide to go that route!
    After the doctor is when I started looking into fertility measures outside of just tracking cycles, etc.
    I had maybe three or four cups of Fertilitea the month before we conceived because I bought it mid-cycle.
    I started daily Fertilitea, EPO, and soy isoflavones the month we conceived along with lots of folic acid.

    We also got a supplement for hubs that had high levels of selenium which helps with sperm shape (forgot the proper name for that), motility, and testosterone levels. We paired that with a super-extra Vitamin C supplement for him which some people said could help.

    So, I only took the stuff for about a month or month and a half.
    I found out about it when my friend who was getting IVF had it recommended to her by a doctor. Checked on Amazon and found the reviews and was absolutely blown away. I honestly debated whether the comments were fake there were so many good reviews! (The only thing I've found that has more people swearing by it is the Hitachi Magic Wand, LOL) But nope, my own experiment made me a believer.

    Good info about the folic acid. I try to load up on it and tons of B-vitamins and Omegas for healthy baby before trying to conceive.
      Oh, one thing with the Fertilitea... it tends to work better for women who have longer/erratic cycles. I have read that it sometimes screws up the cycles of more regular women. I think it's a PCOS Godsend though!
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          I need to look into fertilitea also,it sounds like a good route to go...is it safe to take with all the other vitamins like folic acid and b-vitamins.

            I know this is a stupid question,but do you make the fertilitea like you would regular ice tea or does it come with some certain kind of instructions?
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